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July 2016

The company is closely working with the surgeons to ensure all preparations are finalised for the live operations audit due to start in September.

A recent paper published by the Lead Investigating Surgeons auditing the ILO device and system, (Computer navigtation of the acetabular component in total hip arthroplasty: a narrative review), has provided invaluable information regarding acetabular malposition and provides an outline of the currently available methods of acetabular navigation, comparing freehand techniques with computer-and-robotic-assisted navigation of the acetabular component.

Reference: Davenport D, Kavarthapu V. Computer navigation of the acetabular component in total hip arthroplasty: a narrative review. EFORT Open Review 2016;1:279-285.DOI:10.1302/2058-5241.1.00050  


May 2016

Recent feedback from Surgeons in London conducting the ILO Surgical Audit confirms that upon completion of the next phase of live operations and analysis of data the Lead Investigating Surgeons will publish results which have been accepted by the editor for publication. Having established “Proof of Concept” from the Surgeons’ workshops, the Company, through its Design Engineer Adjunct Professor Don Fry, has embarked on further refinements of the ILO devise and system to refine components in the system to address autoclaving / sterilisation.  Final componentry stress testing will be completed in the first week of May in Australia prior to sending the latest version of the ILO Device and System to London for live operations by the Lead Investigating Surgeons.

The Company is excited about publishing the results of the forthcoming operations and is now undertaking to identify strategic partners to manufacture and distribute the system in the Global market.

Maintaining a constant attention to the market and competitive developers the Directors are maintaining the position that the ILO device will be a cost effective and easy to use THR system for surgeons. The ILO pricing will be significantly lower than what is currently available in the market place for THR guidance technology.


October 2015

ILO now prepares for live operations to final test the efficacy of latest ILO developments in London. Upon analysis of data from these operations the lead investigating surgeon and his team intend to publish the results in medical journals.


September 2015

Adjunct Professor Fry, lead project manager Mr David Cooper and ILO’s investigating surgeon conduct a successful workshop in London which reinforces the technologies ability to assist surgeons to achieve predetermined outcomes.


August 2015

Lead design engineer Adjunct Professor Don Fry achieves breakthrough in technical development of the ILO device and technology to allow live monitoring of operations in the theatre.


July 2015

Lead investigating surgeon conducting the ILO Operations Audit in London provides “proof of concept” letter validating the ILO technology.


June 2015

ILO submits a new patent application for novel verticality IP that compliments ILO existing THR accuracy technology.


ILO wins prestigious CA Grant from the Australian Federal Government

The CA Grant, a competitive grant, is awarded for advanced innovation in Australia.  ILO’s successful application was against a strong field of other leading innovative technology based  companies.


2014 Trial Phase of updated algorithms and sensors commences

ILO continues to upgrade its alignment algorithms and sensor arrays. The objective is to provide an even richer data management platform for continuous operational efficiency.